WikiLeaks says the CIA can see your Whatsapp messages.

Most of the series we watch depicts the enormous power governments all over the world can use to combat modern day threats for example terrorism.

With the rise of organizations claiming to be fighting corruption & indeed they hold their deal(it’s a deal with the citizens,for their work is to release damning evidences today’s govt use violate their citizens rights.)

Whatsapp is a leading messaging app today s a result it has provided safe passage of illegal activities.In kenya students know very well that the govt is highly incapable of ‘hacking’ into their whatsapp channels in order to curb cheating in national exams.

Well, the Wikileaks have recently released CIA’S classified information that shows exactly how US government can spy on your chats,soon enough other govts will emulate the same.

Whatsapp end to end encryption enables the user’s message to be send safely to the intended recipient.


The CIA is capable of bypassing encryption on a number of popular messaging apps including WhatsApp, according to newly released WikiLeaks documents.

The whistle-blowing organisation has just published 8,761 files, which Julian Assange claims account for “the entire hacking capacity of the CIA”.

The enormous release is the first of several comprising the ‘Vault 7’ collection.

A WikiLeaks release claims that the CIA uses malware and hacking tools to remotely hack smartphones and turn TVs into covert microphones.

The claim will cause huge concern among WhatsApp users, many of whom reacted furiously to news that the app would start sharing data with Facebook last year.

Mr Assange claims that, by publishing the documents, WikiLeaks has ensured that the CIA has “lost control of its arsenal”.

The WikiLeaks release suggests that government spies have had access to users’ messages all along, despite WhatsApp’s use of end-to-end encryption, which is designed to protect users’ privacy.

WikiLeaks publishes huge trove of CIA spying documents

However, the suggestion is that the CIA hasn’t been hacking WhatsApp, but working its way around the app’s encryption tools by attacking users’ smartphones.

The Vault 7 files were handed to WikiLeaks by a source who intended for them to start a conversation about whether the CIA had gained too much power, according to the group.



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