NO wonder fashion is the subject of so many memorable soundbites, those passionate about all things sartorial – from designers to models and actresses – have a habit of musing on their favourite topic.

From advice – whether Karl Lagerfeld’s thoughts on LBDs and sweatpants, or Bill Blass’s fail-safe hue – to inspiration (see Donna Karan’s mantra), here we present our favourite fashion quotes to live by.

MY LOVE FOR SWEATER TOPS..img_20161202_124846

Well, We live in a generation where things from the past come back and make a stunning  fashion  statement  in the fashion  industry. Take for example,  growing  up we oftenly  saw the vintage sweaters alot.. surprisingly  even most of our mums and aunts knitted them.img_20161202_124839

I’m m not going  to write so much about them, but as they say, Old is Gold. If you are not a Mr. Price person  like myself.. you probably  know about the ‘Cameras’, then if you do, you have noticed  they are all selling   them alot. This means that they are really  trending.

Reasons why  you need to have at least  one vintage sweater.img_20161202_124900

1.They are simply  trending. Get classy and flow with the trend. 

2.)They are good for the season. It’s  a chilly weather  and if you are the kind of person  who doesn’t  like carrying loads of trench coats and jackets, this is something  you should  have. 

3.)They can still be used as tops since  not all are really  designed  to be used  in chilly weather. Meaning  you can buy one that is fancy and where it during  summer. img_20160801_133553

-My take on how to dress the look:I simply  prefer wearing  them with rubber shoes and simple vintage accessories. Depending  with how i want to look.img_20160728_105233

*This look was basically   to bring out a touch of African. dsc02318

-Have fun trying  out.And if you  don’t  have one, well it’s  never too late to get one for yourself.

I try soo many looks with different sweaters.img_20160801_133600


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

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