Top Ten Things Youve Been Doing Wrong!

Every soul wants to be noticed to be doing something in a unique way despite being   103% wrong.Nairobians are the most affected,you’ll find a Nairobian trying  her/his best to act in a way suggesting superiority.

I hail from Nyandarua county,i vividly remember those days before history when we had visitors from Nairobi visiting my Grandpa’s home.

Folks there were always being asked to give seats not to visitors but to ‘watu wa Nairobi’.Ive come across folks from other parts of the country ordeal is the same but this one is strange.’vijiko ni ya watu wa nairobi’.SIMPLY WRONG but we tolerate will find a 10 year old Nairobian being provided a seat by an 87 year old grandma,this is unbecoming of us.

Surprise! Many of the things we think we’re doing correctly are actually not the best ways to do them,lets take a look;

1.Earphones should be worn by coiling them over the ear.


2.Washing your hands.

Only 5 percent of Kenyans wash their hands correcly, so there’s a very good chance you’re doing this one wrong. Although the base definition of washing the right way means “rubbing vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,” there are even more things you’re probably doing wrong.

Antibacterial soaps have been criticized over their use of the chemical “triclosan,” which may cause antibiotic resistance and potentially even hormone alteration. On top of this, there may actually be no advantage to using antibacterial soaps when it comes to reducing your chances of getting sick.

Finally, you might be drying your hands wrong, as paper towels require a whole 15 seconds of use while hand dryers require 45 seconds. Paper towels have been found to be effective.

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3.Proper sleeping positions

Most Kenyans aren’t sleeping correctly and are at risk of significantly altering their “memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability.”

On top of this, there really is a sweet spot for how much sleep you should get. Anything outside of these regular sleep hours could have long-term health risks that have been associated with shortened lifespans.

But it isn’t just sleep behavior that can help you get this right. Tips for improving your sleep include exercising, turning off your phone, or simply tricking your brain into thinking you’re dead tired.

Sleep naked. According to sleep specialists at the Cleveland Sleep Clinic, sleeping in the nude helps you regulate your temperature.[1] Get a comfortable temperature using blankets or duvet (of suitable warmth), sheets, and pillows. It is usually best to be slightly on the cool side.

  • Preferably sleep with your arms and head out from under the bedclothes, unless the room is very cold.
  • Feeling too hot? Learn how to sleep comfortably on a hot night. Feeling too cold? Learn how to sleep when it’s cold.
  • Keep an extra blanket right by the bed, just in case you get cold at night. Don’t neglect your feet—cold feet can keep you awake!
  • If you prefer to wear pajamas because they’re more comfortable, loose cotton pajamas are the best as they as a rule breathe more easily than other fabrics.


4.Brushing teeth.

First off, you should never brush your teeth directly after having an acidic meal or drink, because that can push the acid deeper into your enamel. Instead, wait 30 minutes or simply rinse your mouth with water. Some basic tips: Brush for two minutes each time, using a soft brush and not rubbing your teeth and gums too hard.


Concentrate on thoroughly cleaning each section as follows:
  • Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth.
  • Clean the inner surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth.
  • Clean the chewing surfaces.
  • For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too


5.Peeling Eggs.

This becomes much easier if you put a boiled egg in a glass of water first and then shake it.

6.Removing trash bags.

Most of us will find difficulties in removing trash bags well,no more hustles! Drill holes in a trash can to prevent suction issues when pulling out and inserting a trash bag.Removing Trash Bags

7.Heating up food.

Several times ive tried warming food in two containers at a time,one on top of the other,one of containers dint heat up,well you can also try his out!Heating Up Food

8.Eating popcorn from a bag.

This one is much more easier,most folks will eat popcorn b simply dipping their hands into that bag,what about sharing with your partner and may be they dint wash their hands after visiting the postal office.

Image result for dogs eating popcorn
wrong especially if you purchased it when closed on top


Eating Popcorn From a Bag

Rip the bag strategically so you no longer have to dip your hand into the bag to grab popcorn.

9.Peeling banana.

Learn from monkeys and peel a banana from the bottom instead of the top.





If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

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