So it’s time to head back to school. You’ve got your books, your video games, your hoodies emblazoned with your college logo, and most important, your pack of pleasure condoms. We all know that a new year at school means the chance to get a little action from some fellow co-eds, but before you start looking for your next date, you may take a moment to stop and consider some of the regular faces you might encounter on the quad. You’ll meet many interesting and sexy girls who don’t fit into one of the categories below, but there will most likely be a few ladies on campus who fit the bill, whether or not the description strikes your fancy.

The star athlete

Maybe you first spotted her on the field hockey team, or you were wowed by her layups on the basketball court. This is the girl who might’ve made it to college with the help of a sports scholarship, or else she discovered her love of the game long ago, and is carrying that passion into her university years.

Pros: She’s definitely got a hot body from working so hard on the court. If you’re a sports fan, then you’ll have some company during the Super Bowl (and someone to get steamy with during halftime).

Cons: Unless you’re a super athletic stud yourself, you might feel a bit intimidated by your girl’s stellar body. If so, look at it as incentive to skip the dessert and sign up for a gym membership at your school.

The bookworm

You might not find this girl on the field, but you will definitely spot her in the library, maybe behind a pair of sexy glasses, with her nose buried in her books. She’s serious about her studies, though you hope she doesn’t mind taking a study break to hop in the sack and de-stress.

Pros: If she’s got smarts, she’s probably fun to talk to, and likely has a good sense of humor. And if you’re really struggling with that Bio homework, she might be able to lend a hand.

Cons: You’d better keep those grades up, or you can say goodbye to any chance of a relationship (or sex between the stacks) with this girl.

The social magnet

College is about meeting new people, and this lady takes that idea and runs with it. She’s a social butterfly, and can be found at every party on campus, big or small.

Pros: If you can get her attention, she’ll likely have lots of interesting and new people to introduce you to. And she might introduce you to a few new things in the bedroom, too.

Cons: Before you get into bed with this girl, make sure that the social lioness is still playing it safe in bed. If she’s sexually active with many members of her social circle, you should definitely play it safe and use condoms if and when the time comes to go to bed with the party girl.


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    nice stories. i look forward to reading more of such.


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