Things All Men Need Know About Women(Sixth one is more ridiculous)

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Things All Men Need  Know About Women(Sixth one is more ridiculous)
Its quite ridiculous of how men expect women to subscribe to everything that they believe in.Well according to Ducknet’s research here is what your wives’ or girlfriends’ expect from you guys.Here you go,
. We will get irrational about things
This can range from pantyhose runs to a ruined pedicure, from pimples to pregnancy scares. Under no circumstances may you tell us we are irrational. Trust us.
. We all agree: Funny > Hot
Your ability to make us laugh will always trump your ability to look good in a pair of Levi’s.
.Be open
You wanna to try anal, don’t be build the huge wall about it
. We like when you buy us things
Whether it’s drink at the bar or Tiffany’s necklace, buying us things (no matter how “materialistic” we claim to be) will always put you in our good books.
 .She loves you the way you are. If she didn’t, then why would she try to change you?
.we love to be trusted
Withholding information is a dangerous path. WE. NEED. TO. KNOW. HOW. “GRAVITY.” ENDS… and which of your folks was using hemorrhoid cream.
. We will never be our mothers
It doesn’t matter how much we love and adore them; our worst fear is turning into our mothers. Don’t ever accuse us of doing so.
. We should never have to text you first
You wanna get with us? Then pick up the damned phone and send a text. Chances are, if you leave it up to us, you’ll be alone forever.
. If she stops caring about dressing up in front of you, then all romance has officially gone out the window.
. Sometimes we just have to fake it
Most of you have no idea how much time and focus it takes for us to have an orgasm (short answer: a lot). Sometimes our head just isn’t in the game, and we don’t want to hurt your ego. Roll with it.
. We remember everything
Like to an alarming degree. Be prepared.
. We think your “three-day rule” is bull****
Sure, go ahead and wait three days to contact us. By then we’ll have probably been on two more dates with the guy who had the balls to call us the next day.
. We do judge you by your shoes
Yes, what you put on your feet will, without a doubt, factor into our decision as to whether or not we will date you.
. We like to sext
But we will NOT send you a picture of our genitals. Don’t ask.
 .We define cheating differently than you
Anything you do with another female that you wouldn’t do if we were standing in plain sight is cheating to us. End of.
. We don’t need as much PDA (personal digital assistance)as you think
Contrary to popular opinion, most of us would be happy if you just held our hand while we walk around the mall.
. We need to be constantly reassured
We don’t care how much you hate it, but if you want to keep us around, tell us how much we mean to you. And tell us a lot. Otherwise, we will ask you. A lot. Like, annoyingly a lot.
. We hate drama
But yes, we will probably cause it. Do not question this.
. We have a very healthy sex drive too
So in other words, if we’re not having sex with you it is because a) we feel fat or b) we’re mad at you. Sidenote: Asking us if the problem is a) will make us b).
. We like porn too
Sharing is caring.
. We hate the gym
We don’t like pain, and we don’t like sweat. We’re doing this to look good for you. So appreciate and repay the favor. 
. We hate waiting
Whether it’s returning a text or turning up for dinner, we HATE IT when you keep us waiting. So don’t.
To some extent, we girls run the world so bare with us!
Stay tuned for the next post to find out What Women Need to Know About Men! What are some things about women you think men should know?
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