Things Every Human Should Know About Dating Before 25.

When we are young, we love the feeling of being in love! I want to date someone but being betrayed in the past has led me to stop trusting . I’m confident each one of you has been through the breakup phase and taken some drastic decisions which were helpful till some point but not entirely. It’s time we stop repeating the mistakes from the past. So here are some tips to help you.

. Ask her about herself. This sounds basic, but a lot of people just yammer on about themselves when they get nervous.

.You can’t create a spark when there is none

A guy could be super sweet and romantic but if he doesn’t get your nerve going or you don’t get goose bumps when he touches you, then he isn’t the one sister. Never try to force yourself to feel things; you might feel them now but in the long run it won’t work out.

. Play it cool. Don’t freak yourself out and start asking her if she’s having fun or if her dinner is good 80 times in an hour. Ten times in an hour is more than enough to gauge if she’s having fun or not. JUST KIDDING. Don’t ask her. Just assume she’s having a good time unless she runs away from you screaming. Then it’s OK to ask.

. Bring condoms, but don’t be presumptuous. Always be prepared, but don’t think that means you’re going to get laid.

. Be straight with her. If you’re not looking for anything serious, tell her. If you want to break it off, tell her. Being mean for a two minute conversation is still way nicer than just gradually becoming a dick and waiting for her to end it.

. Never send an unsolicited dick pic. Times it’s OK to send a dick pic: 1. She asked for a dick pic. 2. She sent you nude pics (without you asking) first.

. Don’t talk about exes. This is never a good idea. Ever.

. Free fancy dinners don’t matter as much as you thought they would. It’s weird the first time you’re listening to some intolerable finance bro blustering about being a ‘VIP at Da Club’ that’s hell of a guy. It’s a sign of maturity/good personhood that you would rather be eating Cup of Soup with a man who is tolerable.

. Even if the front of your brain is like “I want a boyfriend,” the back of your brain might actually not want a boyfriend.

Sometimes the default mindset for single girls is to want to be in a relationship, but enjoying the single life is the first step to finding someone who fits into your full life, not just someone to fill some kind of sad single-girl void you have invented.

. Online dating is not just for l0sers. Once you’re not meeting people through school, it gets trickier to find single dudes, let alone a single dude who’s right for you. Trying online dating doesn’t make you a certain “kind” of person.

. Don’t spend too much time communicating with an online dude while you wait for him to ask you out. Because there is a large number of men who will back-and-forth message you for weeks and make no attempt to make plans. What is this, 7th grade AIM?

. Relationships that are unstable, one-sided and leave you feeling horrible about yourself are not “romantic.” The charm of nervewracking, adrenaline-based “sorta-dating” situations that you really want to be more than they are wears off right around the time you get your first intense job — when you want everything else in your life to be stable.

. Meeting up at midnight is not a date. Also worth examining further: Making plans for the night that same day.

. First dates should always be drinks in case he’s terrible — you can escape faster than dinner.

Otherwise known as The “Avoid Eating Scallops While A Guy From Online Talks About How Bad An Old Girlfriend’s Vagina Smelled” Tactic. Worst meal ever. Stick with booze, but don’t overdo it.

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