Stunning facts on Prison Break

Its more than a decade since prison break  was first aired.The prison setting has always been a popular backdrop for films, with The Great Escape and The Shawshank Redemption proving that audiences have a taste for seeing bold, daring attempts to burst out of the one place they shouldn’t be able to, and Prison Break spanned that concept across four seasons.

But what are these facts that my have escaped your mind or you simply had no clue.

1.Sara Tancredi was meant to die in the first season but fans looked at Sara’s character and decided that  she should be around for more episodes,fortunately she will also feature in season 5.

2.Prison break is banned in 13 prisons.

3.He nailed the part of noble Scofield,but Wentworth actually cast on prison break just one week before the filming began.

4.Wentworth would have to go through over 4 hrs of makeup for the tattoo artwork which would take over 4 yrs to ink and upto 2,000 000 Kes to have it at such a high standard in real life.

5.Of the shows 17 regular characters only two Veronica & Sofia Lugo were never arrested.

6. {Fox Were Sued Over The Origins Of The Show)

In the 1960s, a 16-year-old boy was wrongly imprisoned before being broken out by his brother and spending four years on the run. Sound familiar? That’s the story of Robert and Donald Hughes who used their experiences and turned their memories into a manuscript before sending it to Fox in 2001. The network turned the story down, though in 2005, Prison Break was born and a year later the Hughes brothers filed a lawsuit against Fox, though nothing materialised since.

7.Characters Named After US Presidents… And Hot Drinks

Lincoln Burrows and Theodore Bagwell. Or what about Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt? Could it just be a coincidence that two of Prison Break’s main characters are named after US Presidents? Maybe not, as Michael Scofield, Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin, and Alexander Mahone are closely named after the politicians Edward Scofield, Benjamin Franklin, and William Mahone, while Paul Kellerman’s surname was inspired by Roy Kellerman, the secret service agent riding in the car when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. On a seperate note in Season 3, T-Bag and Sucre meet the Lechero in Sona. Sucre is French for sugar, Lechero translates from Spanish as milkman. Combine those two ingredients with a teabag and you’ve got a nice hot drink.



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