It’s official: sex doesn’t sell.

Image result for value of friendship in a relationshipPlacing a greater emphasis on friendship as a relationship component ahead of other components like sex will greatly promote lasting relationships.
Psychologists say that relationship failures will lead to negative emotions, reduced physical health, and feelings of insecurity.

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But they added a very crucial component of that: ‘defining the characteristic of love’ and suggested that if people in a relationship talked about their fears and what could lead to a breakup this will enormously reduce the chances of a breakup.

Research done suggests that individuals in a relationship who value friendship more are most sexually happy, so definitely sex will always come naturally, and either of the parties doesn’t need to ask for it.

It’s pretty much different if you are not looking for love.
A reliable study shows that most romantic hopefuls rate friendship over flesh.
The survey by an online dating site reveals that friendship and chemistry outstrip sexual desires and physical attraction.
80 % of the persons interviewed rated romance and physical closeness as the top factors that will determine their stay in a relationship.Image result for value of friendship in a relationship on campus

This goes against a common believe by many: that sex comes first, though most of us believe in this noncompos mentes: its wrong.
In the 19th century, sex came in as the most crucial and physical attractiveness came in last.
It will come in as a surprise to many that it’s not only females that believe in chastity and sexual abstinence-both Genders listed chemistry and friendship as the top two on their list.
Its discouraging of how most of the campus students ignore the value creating an everlasting bond in relationships.Friendship is a wall that no enemy will bring down.

In a nutshell, Men list physical closeness as top in their list while women most of them don’t mind about distances, they can simply cope up with what comes with a long distance relationship.
The males want to be able to let their skeletons out of the closet, whereas the females want to remain more silent about their history.Image result for value of friendship in a relationship on campus

Friendship is a core factor in a relationship, and I can’t stop reinforcing my statement, As such, it may be the case cherishing that value fortifies the relationship … and will cool down things incase of a breakup.The research involved students who have been dating for more than 1 year.
They filled out a questionnaire basically to assess the investments they put int their relationships and what they think of the future.

Generally and on to point is that individuals who invest more on friendship aspect will enjoy high levels of trust, romantic commitment, love and sexual satisfaction and self-improvement rather than believing in sex=love.

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