Prison Break season 5:everything you need to know

[jwplayer fbGqIHnu]Back in 2010 – a year after Prison Break originally wrapped,there was no sign of a come back.Last year FOX announced the the prison break season 5 and a trailer was released.[jwplayer X2IhN53m][jwplayer fbGqIHnu]I find myself re-watching the Prison break series,its simply thrilling beyond any expectation.

Since series finale The Final Break had left Miller’s character – aesthetically pleasing, plentifully tattooed architect Michael Scofield – dead and buried.By The way the tatooing of Michael’s body with the Fox River Prison blueprint took 4 hrs.

Prison Break season 5 will launch on Fox in the US. The premiere date? Tuesday, April 4, 2017, as part of the network’s midseason schedule.

Miller and Purcell – Michael and his brother Lincoln Burrows – were the first to be 100% confirmed by Fox to be taking part in the Prison Break revival.

This brings me to  a conclusion about the future of my digital life,I must pay for showmax.

The return of Amaury Nolasco – a fan favourite as Michael’s kind-hearted cellmate Fernando Sucre -the character in the previous seasons was able to put audience in an awkward position for his cowardness during the team’s most crucial scenes for example during the retrieval of Scylla,under General’s nose.


just a recap of the scene:

due to its grand importance, the leaders of The Company decided to divide Scylla into six electronic cards so it would be virtually impossible for anyone to steal all of them and unlock the information. Also, to unlock Scylla, a decoder box is required.

It is found out the decoder box is in the Headquarters of The Company in Los Angeles, in front of the Gate Corporation’s building. In fact, Scylla is a small portable data device containing information on alternative forms of energy, including B:Ar:Ga:In solar cells.

The 6 cards thought to be Scylla are in fact simply keys to unlock the device thought to be the decoder, which is now known to be the container for the actual Scylla device. The 6 keys unlock the container, and Scylla can be removed.

Without my favorite key-swallowing folk.. T bag,Prison break wouldn’t be prison break, he is a funny character who makes a tragic scene comic and He must be back.

The ruthless Kellerman,who became a congressman will also feature.

A few new faces have also been announced for the new season – and the casting of Royal Pains actor Mark Feuerstein is bad news for Sara and Michael shippers.

His character Scott Ness is reportedly married to Dr Tancredi in the new Prison Break – so even if Michael’s alive, his romance with Sara might well have expired. *sob*

According to Fox 

Yes, both brothers – the late Mr Scofield will feature in the revival: “The [concept] that I’ve heard [for his resurrection] is completely brilliant, so people will be fine,” Purcell insisted.

Walden reiterated that the revival will provide “a logical and believable explanation to why the characters are alive and still moving around the world”.

So how did Michael end up behind bars… again? “Obviously we left off [the original series] with Michael presumably dead – he wasn’t, he ended up working for this organisation,” Purcell revealed in June 2016.

Said organisation is (twist!) a terrorist group – with the new season “dealing with ISIS” and “what’s going on in the world today with terrorism.”

“He’s been up to some not so nice things and there’s a question as to whether or not he’s even qualified to be considered a good man.

“Has he crossed the line in a way that he can never come back? That’s at the heart of the story we’re currently telling.”

Purcell also dropped a big spoiler about the brother’s latest escape attempt…

“Basically, the regime in Yemen had collapsed, it was in complete chaos and turmoil, and the gates were open so all the prisoners were released. And I’m running in trying to get through and find Michael, and I can’t…”

We cant wait all night and day long for the return of prison break


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