Obama’s Moms Jeans

And you can easily get the look if you wanna send out POTUS in style.

Just a few week First Lady Michelle Obama told the great people of America that her husband’s infamous “mom jeans” were gone forever on Jimmy fallon . Whether that means that that they are somewhere safe may be to be worn in the mornings I really don’t know, but the fact is, we may or never see Barack Obama in his stonewashed jeans again.

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Now, we think Barrack got in a little too much hot water at the time for what ultimately were a regular pair of jeans (we’re a little bit at fault there, but we’re mostly looking right at you, Fox News, for equating a pair of jeans to inherent weakness). But the decision to get rid of them may have been poor timing. See, everything Obama wore on that fateful day in Chicago is slowly coming back around into style. We’re talking windbreakers, white running shoes, and yes—even wider leg lightwash jeans have all recently permeated the fashion landscape.

                                                                     Obama Farewell,Throws many into tears

We’re not saying Obama looked like he stepped off a London catwalk in his version of these styles . But the point is that should he even want to re-embrace his outfit from this simpler time (when things like controversial “mom jeans” actually seemed like a worthwhile if lighthearted news story), it’ll be easier than ever. More importantly, for all of us out there today who are saying “Thanks, Obama,” sporting his most iconic off-duty look can actually be the same thing as looking cool. Using this gracious as Trump would have put it,Obama has done a great job in African.


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