Love on Campus:Why Students in Relationships Get Better Grades.

College opens the door for all kinds of relationship challenges such as roommate issues, casual dating, serious dating, friendship and sex.You may also be confronted by interpersonal issues when you join student organizations, or decide to join greek life. Relationships that can either build or break you.

It’s very challenging for majority of us to be in a relationship with the opposite sex,while some folks will argue otherwise, being in a relationship bring fears of uncertainty especially the uncertainty of student life and jobs after graduating this on my part can make any relationship more stressful.
On the other hand having that one person you love is brilliant, but balancing the two can be tough and they require huge commitments to make and require considerable amount of time in order for them to grow, all in all I think whether a close or a long distance relationship, a healthy relationship with open communication and mutual understanding has the potential to work, but its unhealthy ones that will make a student’s life difficult and strenuous on campus.
Most campus relationships are based on material things especially on the ability of the male partner to provide not even on the extreme end young men nowadays hookup with old rich women in order to meet their daily expenses and to maintain ‘class’. I remember walking downtown on Saturday with a friend and what he told me scared the hell out of me, “you what Dominic if you want to get laid tonight ,all you need is money, and the most important thing show it to them “he told me. I felt stupid but I wasn’t naïve for I’ve heard of what money can do but on campus students?, this was a revelation that required not only psychological authentication but divine intervention in order to understand.
I think the most important is if you meet someone who makes you happy and those feelings are mutual then date them, if it’s the right person they will help you through the tough times in campus if it works out fantastic, if not then battle through the pain of break up and come out of it more knowledgeable and know exactly what you are looking for in a relationship.
I think in all types of relationships for it to be fruitful and worthwhile you must set boundaries, if found these steps helpful in setting limits;
Trust me on this that you will tolerate a difficult situation just as long as you choose to tolerate it, you need to choose.
What is the source of your feelings? It takes some real soul searching on your part to figure out the source of your feelings let’s say anger.
When, where and how to set the limit. Think about the entire situation consider your time, emotions and means. Remember get your demands met.
#Express-You limits: let a friend know that you’ll lend him/her your laptop under certain conditions.
#Stick-to your limits, you are not making the other person to obey the limits; you are only responsible for following the limits yourself and reinforcing them.


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