Most Incredible Prison Break Stories.


In 1995,

prisoners named Rose,Matthew & Andrew escaped the prison in the most incredible ways.The managed to make a 25 feet steel ladder as well as a gun in the prison workshop

Finally they were able to craft a skeleton  key from a photographic memory,the prisoners were able to walk out the prison with the key they made & scaling the wall with the ladder.

They were captured four days after their escape before they could get on a plane and fly to freedom.


This story is immortalized in a movie “catch me if you can”,He was sent to prison for his forgery activities.His papers din’t make it with him to the detention centre giving him an upper hand.

He managed to convince the guards that he was a spy from the government and he was given extra privileges.He also managed to get a friend on the outside to pose as an FBI Agent.He literally walked out of prison.


Gap escaped from prison through the food slot which is 6 inches high and 17 inches long.

How did he manage this?,,apparently he was a yoga fun and practised yoga.

On the day of escape he asked the guards for a special ointment and performed the escape after the guards turned in for the night.

He was captured six days later and guess what..the food lot was much smaller.


Pascal has managed to escape from two maximum security prisons in France using a hijacked helicopter.Because of his escape aviation choice he switches prisons every now and then,He has since been recaptured.


He has set standards for prison breaks even if it happened in the 18th century.He became a celebrity in his own right.

His antics included dressing like a woman,breaking through ceilings and bars,invented the rock bed sheet technique,and pricking through the chains with a bend nail.


On 11,12th June,1962.Three inmates managed to create three paper mache heads so that they could trick the guards into thinking they were in their cells.They then used a utility corridor and made their way out of prison.

They then used inflatable raft to make their way through the San Francisco bay waters.The prisoners were never captured.


The man was being held at  the southern central regional  jail in West Virginia,He managed to braid a rope from dental floss and climbed his way to freedom.The rope had the same thickness as a Telephone cord  & helped him climb down an 18 feet cinder block wall.

He used a hacksaw to cut through the fence.He enjoyed 41 days of freedom mainly in the woods and was later recaptured at gunpoint.


He was one of the most unfortunate people to be imprisoned by the NAZI,he was among the four Jews who successfully escaped from the death camp.

He accomplished this by hollowing out a wood pile and hiding out inside,the ground was then sprinkled with tobacco soaked in gasoline so that the dogs wouldn’t smell them.

After several days of hiding,they escaped wearing dutch suits and overcoats  and headed to the polish border using a child’s atlas as their map.


He was an American pilot during the Vietnam war,after his plane was shot down he was put in a jungle prison called pathet lao.

Luckily he was already trained on how to break from prison in Germany,he managed to create a scale model with other  7 prisoners,where they cold coordinate the location of guards around the clock.

He managed to escape and  finally rescued by the US.


He was a Mexican drug lord,he was being held at a maximum security prison until when he mysteriously escaped.

He escaped surveillance for 18 min until when the guards realised he was missing.He was under a 24hr surveillance but the toilet and the bathroom were a blind spot,he went to the shower full clothed but never showed up.


The duo escaped from the Clinton Correctional facility in New York,in 2015.

The two inmates were incarcerated for murder,they lived in a privileged prison of which they had access to the kitchen,t.v & more.They tunneled their way out using a hacksaw.

Once the escape there was an all-out manhunt for the duo.One of them was shot dead by the border employees near the Canadian border.The other was was captured and is now in a maximum security prison.



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