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ANKARA  HIGH WAIST BAND SKIRTS..img-20161017-wa0007

For those who read about my ankara skirt design, it was more of a pencil or straight  design.. today it’s  all about the ankara highwaist band skirt…  (skater type  in nature)

Most of us girls love skater skirts but aren’t  able to get that skater look, unless they hold the dress side ways well as a designer i got you all covered. Getting  a skater look is easy   just ensure that the plits on your skirt are many or get the duts close enough. This brings about the round look by itself. img-20161017-wa0003

1.)This type  of skirt is good for any event from weddings, church ceremonies to dates,  since the look by itself  is classy and elegant. Class can’t  be taught you just have to embrace  it.

2.)Ankara skirts may look cliché to some of us, especially  since moat of y’all have grown up with parents  who wear skirt suits. Well this is different, this is something  that is now getting  soo common among  females.

For Ankara skirts, you can choose to wear the extra long ones and have pockets or a short one with no poackets. All are elegant and catchy to the eye.img_20161018_233237


*Vest:Always and always remember  to tuck  in the vest  when wearing a high waist skirt. I mean that’s  common  sense but still don’t  forget.img_20161126_102057

Also,don’t  wear a shouting colour skirt with a shouting colour top. Be moderate  with colours. Especially  for ankara.  Get a plain bold or dull coloured top for your bright coloured print.

2.)Shoes:Any can do from sneakers to heels..  try  out new things for new looks.  It’s  not a rule for you to wear heels  when in a skirt..  it’s  all a matter of choice. Rubbers are  a good choice..  and white are the way to go with Ankara prints if you ask me.img-20161017-wa0004

3.)For the coats,get a small fitting  coat. Remember  this is a high waist, i mean we all want to notice that it’s  no plain skater  skirt.

4.) Jewelry :Complete the  look with an outstanding  Jewlry..  from beads to vintage..  Ankara and jewelry  complement  each other.


Golden heels,golden Chocker, Yellow Ankara waist band skirt, Black Vest.

Post written by Grace.


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