Grace Fashion Enthusiast: Polka dot age.

Most  often than not, Polka dots have been termed as A vintage wear that most often than not can get eyes popping in any event.  Hang on, don’t  get me wrong  they are indeed a vintage  look. But at times they look shaddy, especially  the full polka dot wear to be precise  white n red look. Here’s e the thing, Polka dots are an outstanding  outfit  as long as its worn well. Here are a few tips on how to customize  your own polka dot look and steal the show as they say. 

1)Take for instance, avoid being normal. Customize a half  polkadot dress, and add the trending lace towards it and you good to go.

2)A good polkadot dress with badly paired shoes is a NO go zone.Don’t  try this. The shoe makes the lady. Get a good pair of boot, heel, or doll shoe, or even a sneaker. But this is solely dependent  on the dress. It has to be a skater dress.

3)Avoid official dresses for half polka dot wear. A full polka dot wear that’s  official ain’t  bad.

4)Short is the new long. Not too short, neither not too long. Know your own body and size. This is the  most important  feature in the modern age of fashion.

Knowing  your body and standing out is key to any girl out there. Don’t  get it twisted , but which girl out there does not want to look good? Everyone  one does want to look glamorous. They  say cheap can be expensive  and hell yeah, turn your cheap polka dot design  to an expensive  look.

Pair up the look with a good bag and there we go,the look is done.The type of accessories depends on the kind of wear done. If its half polka dot with the top being  plain, less will be enough. If it’s  the  opposite  much will be less.

Good luck in bringing  the polka dot look into the new age.

Content by Grace.


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