Education APPs for a modern campus student.

Being a 21st century student call for illumination.Most students own a smartphone,A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use.

Institutions may be are not willing to enlighten students on the availability of education applications.Using these  Apps Students are no longer tethered to textbooks (in most formal education settings), apps that are strictly didactic–designed to promote academic proficiency and foundational fluency.There is no much difference when you compare this approach to 20th century educational requirements as the principals of finding,evaluating, managing, sharing, and curating information is maintained.

On the list we start with:

Medicine students


1.3D Brain

Description-Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research

2.TRC Pharmacology

Description-The Teaching Resource Centre (TRC) Pharmacology is meant for medical students, but also very useful for any health care professional.

The TRC provides basic pharmacological knowledge: pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and drug mechanisms in context of (patho)physiology.

Each topic includes graphic(s) in the TRC icon language, explanatory texts and questions with feedback. The TRC covers most relevant drugs prescribed in Europe. Each drug topic has references to the Dutch national formulary (Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas) or the British National Formulary. 

3.RealWorld Procedures

Description-RealWorld Procedures features videos and protocols for common medical procedures including: 

   – Arm casting – Central line insertion 
   – Circulation test (Allen test) – Digital block 
   – Foley catheter insertion – IV line insertion 
   – Local anaesthesia  – Sebaceous cyst removal 
   – Shoulder reduction – Simple suturing 
   – Sterile gloving  – Venipuncture 

Learn the procedures right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Discussion of each procedure includes general background information, indications, safety precautions, step-by-step protocol, tips and an overview of the possible complications. Videos and figures are used to demonstrate the procedures. 

Ideal on the ward for quick reference!

 4.iSurf BrainView

Description-iSurf BrainView is a Brain MRI tutor based on the MRI automatic segmentation produced by FreeSurferThis App uses its automatic segmentation to produce an automatic atlas of neuroimaging based on T1 MRI Images.

A great tool for teaching brain MRI and for learning neuroanatomy. 


Description-Welcome to the CellAtlas Application – your guide to blood cell morphology.

CellAtlas contains mini lectures written by hematology experts complemented by an extensive cell image database. The App also includes a game, CellQuiz. A fun and efficient way to test your knowledge in cell morphology.

6. Nerve Whiz

Description-Designed by a neuromuscular neurologist at the University of Michigan, Nerve Whiz is a free application for medical professionals interested in learning the complex anatomy of nerve roots, plexuses, and peripheral nerves. Select which muscles are weak, or point to areas of sensory loss, and the application can provide you with distinguishing features and detailed information, complete with relevant pictures and diagrams.Nerve

Veterinary students


1.A Vet Tool

Arguably the most essential app every veterinarian student should have is A Vet Tool. .For starters, you’ll have access to information for more than 650 types of veterinary drugs that can be searched through to find out everything from what it’s used for to what it’s potential side effects are. You’ll also be able to scroll through common blood and X-ray results for a wide range of animals, ranging from dogs to horses. .

2.Compendium of Veterinary Products

Veterinary students focused on more pharmaceutical studies will surely benefit by downloading the Compendium of Veterinary Products app. This software features information on more than 5,000 medications, ranging from biological, feed and other types of prescription drugs for animals, as well as hundreds of parasiticides.

3.Merck Veterinary Manual

If you’re truly serious about having access to one of the most trusted sources in animal health information in your pocket at all times, then spending nearly $50 for the Merck Veterinary Manual app is certainly worth the investment. Purchasing this app is the equivalent to carrying around a 1,000-plus page veterinarian’s bible with you at all times.

Some of the highlight accessories featured in this app include fully-colored images, audio and video examples of hundreds of different diseases. On top of that, there is access to reports and research regarding the diagnosis, treatment and medication of these animal-related health concerns, and students will enjoy being able to access specific charts and graphs that better illustrate the data presentation of these medical reviews.

4.Exotic Pet Vet

Every veterinarian student knows that their role will have to include medically diagnosing and treating a wide variety of animals, occasionally involving pets that certainly aren’t the norm. Exotic Pet Vet is an app that focuses specifically on health information regarding more exotic types of animals, ranging from birds, turtles to gerbils. Scrolling through this app will grant access to students regarding all the particular types of diseases, medications and symptoms that are associated with reptiles, small animals and birds.It’s also a great guide for analyzing the proper nutrition for each animal.

5.Certified Veterinary Assistant

The name says it all, as this app allows veterinary students to adequately prepare for exams or research papers by having an all-out study guide with them at all times. Certified Veterinary Assistant is more geared toward students, in the sense that it features a variety of ways to assist your learning through whatever veterinary tech courses you may be taking. You can instantly load up some multiple choice quizzes regarding whatever topic you’re currently studying, or you can develop your own flashcards to assist in memorizing vocabulary words.



1.Wolfram Alpha

This app which has been dubbed the Wikipedia of engineering by students, is a computational knowledge engine designed with the ability to answer engineering questions regardless of the users’ field.
Users make use of the app by simply imputing questions relevant to their field of study and the Alpha takes over from there, scans its data base as well as curated external sources in a bid to provide an accurate answer to the query. Note that it doesn’t just list out links to other website relative to the query keyed in but it actually endeavors to provide an answer to your questions making it an invaluable resource for students.

2.Android Wabbitemu

The Wabbitemu is an android app developed by Revsoft for creating realistic instrumentation graphs on your device.
It is used for developing Texas instrument graph calculators in a fast an efficient manner on mobile devices which means that you can always have your calculator regardless of where you go or are located at any given time. The Wabbitemu is an emulator and it’s features ensure that the calculator you create functions exactly as the real one in your labs or offices.

3.Office Lens

This scanning app is a perfect tool for engineers who need to digitalized physical documents on the go. The app allows users to take pictures of physical documents, crop this image and store it as a scanned file on your device. You can then make use of the file in different ways such as; converting to Pdf, Word or JPG formats so they can be shared via emails or on social media platforms.
Note that in terms of clarity, the office lens takes clear images of your documents, and it also offers you editing features that can be used to either brighten images or add minute finishing touches to your documents.

4.Engineering Unit Converter

If you are looking for an all-in-one converter for your engineering calculations, then look no further than the Engineering Unit Converter app. This mobile app provides users with two spinning wheels in which you can select the categories you plan to convert, and then input their corresponding units to complete the conversion process.
The app supports the conversion of length, energy, entropy, and electric charge to the different S.I units that they can be measured with.


The Electrodroid app is an app designed specifically for use by Electrical engineering and electronics student. The app serves as a database for electronic tools and references which can be utilized by students looking to learn or practicing engineers searching for immediate information when solving problems.
The mobile app comes in the two versions; the Electrodroid and the Electrodroid Pro. The former is a free app and comes with the numerous Ads most free apps are known for while the Pro eliminates such distractions and provides its users with a seamless experience.


Over the past few years, e-learning has become the study trend of most students and professionals looking to further their personal development by creating flexible schedules. Chegg is an app that enables this learning flexibility possible.
The app is a platform that makes it possible for users to rent both digital and physical text, as well as provide tutors and students with the resources to communicate with one another.

It was designed specifically to help Hugh school and college students study more effectively.


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