while college may have been a testing ground for marriage years ago, these days it seems that fewer students are dating during their undergraduate years. The traditional romance scene has been replaced by the hook-up culture, as young adults feel they have plenty of time to settle down later – and college should be about fun.

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And while many students may still be dating, it seems that sex is not put on the back burner as it once was. Instead, time between the sheets often precedes a trip to the movies or a night on the town.For the majority of students, they’re not going to dinner and a movie unless they’ve hooked up with someone,

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Many undergrads see this as a positive trend – dating can be a hassle, and college is a time when many people have reached their sexual prime.


Students who do plan on partaking in these somewhat random rolls in the hay should be sure to keep themselves protected. It is best to purchase condoms before a party or date, just in case things get hot and heavy.


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