Best walking shoes for men 2017-Review.

Finding the best walking(obviously shoe are for that purpose) shoes for men is a very crucial decision to make. Wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes can lead to joint pain, posture issues, or other health problems. When purchasing a pair of walking shoes you want to make sure you choose a pair that promotes a balanced stride and support.

VERSEY Light Blue/ Green High Cut Canvas

“After you have put food on your table, make sure you invest in really good walking shoes and a good bed.” – John Callaway

Lady’s footwear choice presents a whole new avenue for discussion because of the health related problems especially back pain.

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VERSEY Light Blue/ Green High Cut Canvas


When you are bout to purchase your official or casual shoes its important to keep very important aspects in mind leave alone the price of the product. Before you consider purchasing a pair you must consider the following aspects:

  1. Cushioning: Walking creates less impact than running, so they do not require as much cushioning in the heel as traditional running shoes. Instead, walking shoes should provide all-over cushioning support, especially in the ball of the foot.VERSEY Light Blue/ Green High Cut Canvas
  1.  Support: To gauge the flexibility and the support of your shoe, you must first try these tests before purchasing them:
    1. Hold the shoe by the heel and toe and bend the shoe upwards. The shoe should only bend under the ball of the foot.
    2. Twist the shoe sole while gripping the heel and toe. You want to be able to feel light to moderate resistance in the sole.
  2. Walking Style: Your choice of shoes does not only reflect your style but rather your walking style.  If you are purchasing shoes for day-to-day casual wear, choose a shoe that is suitable to the environment. If you are walking more on pavement, choose a running shoe, multisport shoe, or a casual walking shoe that offers optimal shock absorption. If you often walk on uneven terrain,  you might want to choose a trail runner shoe or a light hiker shoe. They have the right outer sole and durability that these terrains need.

VERSEY Light Blue/ Green High Cut Canvas

  1. Waterproofing: Depending on when and where you find yourself walking you may want to consider a shoe that provides some water resistance. Some people prefer walking shoes without waterproof liners because the shoes have increased breathability and quicker drying times. But this feature all depends on where you do the majority of your walking.

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