Benefits of hot & cold shower.

You know, sometimes it’s amazing how much benefit we can get from such little things. Taking a good soak in a hot bath is one of these things. Soaking in hot water is more powerful than one might think. In fact, there are quite a few definite health benefits to be gained.
On the other hand cold showers are  pretty recommended by old folks back at home,my dear Aunt urges me to take cold showers because Oginga Odinga had the habit that’s why he lived long.
  • Improves your mood.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Helps us wake up much more easier.
  • Stimulate the immune system.
  • Improves productivity.


. Improving our blood circulation

Dipping the body in hot water to the neck is kind of an exercise for your blood vessels. This is because water creates physical pressure on the body and so increases the capacity of our heart.

.Reduces nasal congestion.

. Helping us fall asleep

Hot water relaxes the body and better prepares us for falling asleep. When a tense body enters a warm bath, the hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles not only soothes us physically, but also mentally, and many of us need that peace of mind at the end of the day.


. Lowering our blood pressure

A recent study has shown that soaking in a hot bath can lower your blood pressure. This is a great system for those with heart conditions who have to watch out for spikes in their blood pressure. 

. Cleaning the skin

While it is true that a shower is cleaner than a bath, a good soak in hot water after a shower can open up the pores in our skin, and if the water is clean then they can come in and clean some of the dirt and toxins in our skin. The result is fresher and cleaner skin.

. Relieve headaches

Most types of headaches are caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the head. The positive effect of the hot water on our blood vessels can be used to alleviate the pressure on those blood vessels and cure our headache.

. Feeling better about ourselves

Life is full of stressful events, and a hot bath can be that shoulder you need to cry on. Take a good soak and try to relax, it’s known that when we feel better physically, we get more confident in ourselves, more convinced we are up to the challenges ahead. 


. Moisturizing our skin

We may not like the wrinkled skin we get after a hot bath, but it actually has a good effect on it. The warm water leaves the skin moist for longer, and so prevents it from drying up and getting those little cracks that often appear when it’s dry.

do you have any of the benefits that we might have missed? Give us your response on our article,we will be glad.



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