Why African Kiondos’ is Trending #2017.

If you grew up in Kenya then chances are you’ve probably come across a kiondo (handwoven sisal bag) or some form of sisal basket in your house at one point or another.

Most of the time i saw it and used to carry some potatoes from the farm when visiting my Grandma. As it turns out most people nowadays have used it when going shopping.Ferrying fruits and vegetables from the marketFB_IMG_1470381152243

By reading  my heading most of you are definitely  thinking  about How   I’m  going to praise our Mother  Continent  Africa with its beauty  ranging from Girrafes, Rhinos, Elephants… well, that’s  a story for  another day. Today i focus on how to look classy with the African well known’  Kiondo bags’

Most of us are well familiar   with kiondos, but for those who have no idea what these are,  then, they are bags woven mostly by our grandmas made from sisal mostly  and art does its magic to create  them as they  do. FB_IMG_1470381168443They have for long been used by our grandmothers to  carry food stuff and mostly they act as their shopping bags.  But recently  this has become  a trendy  classy look in the fashion  industry.

Kiondos don’t   have to look ancient  and for grandmas anymore. The modern day look has made it sooo classy and actually  not all people  can pull the look out. A touch of modern ropes that make it look like an actual sling bag have made them look soo awesome  and adding zippers to them too and adding  my best African  fabric.. Ankara print. FB_IMG_1470381227690.jpg

For any fashion   lover, a kiondo is a must have. I mean, how many times have you wanted to carry something  vintage yet so classy but ended up with  nothing  close to vintage?? Well get yourself  a kiondo, pair it up with a comfortable  right look and you’ll  be good to go.IMG_20160725_165843

When going for the kiondo look,choose  your colors well knowing  on how to match it up. Also, size matters and design. For a normal outdoor  function, avoid a very huge kiondo, this will actually  make it look ancient, a sling bag kiondo will work for you.IMG_20160805_194447

For a normal day where you want the kiondo to act as a handbag, get a medium size  one. Something  that you can carry comfortably like a bag.FB_IMG_1470381274819

Guys,  guys , i know you don’t  know this, but there are also guy kiondos. Yes i know you are probably  thinking I’m  crazy, but this is again for guys who are willing  to stand  out. Especially  guys eho model around  with  bags, this can be an awesome  bag fot the runway. You’ll  thank  me later.IMG_20160805_194424

All the best tothose  willing  to try out, and for those who already  have, kudos.#Fashion lovers empire.FB_IMG_1470381188360

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