8 Things Every Girl Must Know About College Parties

If you’re going to college, you are, of course, going for the enriching educational experience. The purpose of university, after all, is to learn a lot and get a fancy, expensive piece of paper that proves that you’ve learned a lot.

But it might also be a TINY bit true that you’re also pretty excited about the college parties. Hey, some people from my high school picked their colleges based on how good they thought the party scene would be–one kid in my senior year English class picked one school over another simply because it had been ranked as one of the best party schools in the nation, despite the other school being the only one that had offered the major he wanted to study.

So, no matter how important college parties are to you, you’re probably wondering about them at least a little bit.



.Before Heading Out, Evaluate What The Party Scene Is Like

Maybe all of the parties are exclusively thrown by Greek organizations, maybe athlete houses have parties. My friend went to a school where that had a VERY organized (unofficial) system where the seniors planned parties for the entire year on a rotating basis. Image result for Evaluate What The Party Scene Is LikeThe point is, every school is different, so put out some feelers before you go to your first party to find out what you can expect.


.Make Sure You Have A Plan

Obviously, no absolute timeline is needed, just some general guidelines to keep things safe. Talk as a group to decide where you want to go and what time you want to be home, and pick a meeting place and time just in case someone’s phone dies at any point.

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Another good idea is to figure out a code word or signal beforehand if a creepy guy is bothering you, so if someone says, “my uncle was a banana farmer in the south of Spain” at any point, you know to hightail it out of there. (Definitely don’t pick this code signal if someone’s uncle really WAS a banana farmer in the south of Spain, though, because that would be confusing.)


Don’t Drink The Punch

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If you do drink, just be safe by keeping track of your intake and avoiding the punch. Despite the enticing allure of drinking a syrupy, unknown substance in a plastic cup, you don’t know who made it and there can be anything in it. Stick with drinks that you have more control over, like canned beer.


.Don’t Go Alone

Sometimes, it’s fun to try and be the cool girl who goes to places by herself. Save that for coffee shops and museums–a college party is not the time to test out your independence skills! Go with your squad, and make sure you don’t leave anyone behind.


.Make Sure You’re At Full Battery

There is NOTHING worse (not to mention unsafe) than going out, losing track of you friends, and realizing that your phone is totally dead. Make sure it’s at 100% before you leave for the night!

Image result for Make Sure You're At Full BatteryImage result for Make Sure You're At Full Battery


.Prepare Your Elevator Speech

You’re going to be asked where you’re from and what your major is. A lot. So many times that you’re going to have to fight back the urge to lie every time you’re asked and say that you’re from Melanesia and you’re double majoring in biochemical engineering and popular culture. Don’t lie, but think of a way to say where you’re from and what your major is in a way that will actually inspire conversation, rather than simply stating them on autopilot and refusing to elaborate on anything else.


.If There Isn’t A Theme, Wear Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Messy

Image result for .If There Isn't A Theme, Wear Clothes You Don't Mind Getting Messy

While it SEEMS like it might be a good idea to put on your nicest heels and fanciest party dress for your first college party, it isn’t. Wear stuff you don’t mind sweating in and getting drinks spilled on. Also, wear closed-toe shoes if you can–at my school, everyone wore Converse sneakers when they went out so their feet would be protected from a slimy, dark substance that coated the floors of every off-campus fraternity house and was only referred to as “frat sludge.”


Don’t Grind On Creepy Guys You Don’t Want To Touch

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This should go without saying, but don’t feel like you have to dance with someone just because you should or because they asked. If it’s someone who gives you the creeps in any way, just say “no” and walk away.



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