Personal constant development is an essential part of our progress as humans,but it’s in our small doltish ways that we hinder that very development for our sustainability.Our “self-esteem” is a very delicate illusion.  We are so off-centered when it comes to locating the origin of our self-worth, that the smallest realization of an imperfection in ourselves can bring up all kinds of insecurities.


.Fear of the new
It is scary to go beyond your own comfort zone and to try something new. Because the environment that you get used to will be replaced with the brand new. Will it be better or worse than what I had before?  

What to do? The best way to overcome the fear of the new comfort zone is to take small steps to overcome your fear. Try to get out of your comfort zone not immediately, but gradually. 

.Building those crazy walls-

Most of  the times you will come across folks building walls,these walls hinder you from seeing the invisible through other persons eye.Bring down those walls and experience the thrilling effects of personal development.

. Forgetfulness or distracted attention
 When you are excited about one new thing do not go bananas and choose another activity just because you have already covered basics. Our mind is really interesting thing allowing us to be delusional during our entire life. 

What to do? Spend at least fifteen minutes a day repeat of what you’ve learned in order to MASTER your skills. 

. Barren dreams
You badly want to learn how to skydive, you even made a list of clubs where you can do it and what equipment do you need, but … But until now, it`s just a dream. In other words, what is missing in you to self develop is motivation. 

What to do? Instead of dreaming about what if I…….just go and find an answer to the question: “What I really want to do? Why do I want to do this? “- Your mind will aim at a target when it finally knows what it wants, instead of having collective chaotic thoughts that floats in our subconsciousness.

.Reactive Extremes

In psychology the technical term is “reactive formation”, and this is something you’ll observe everywhere.  The nature of the unconscious mind is that it requiresabsolute certainties – it needs to see the world in black or white.  There is no grey, or “in between”.

Many people who had a very strict religious upbringing for example, grow older and become disillusioned with the dogmatic ideas they’ve been taught.  These people unconsciously find atheism a very attractive option, and become fanatical anti-God advocates, almost dogmatically.  Another example of a reactive extreme is the person who finds it difficult to deal with, or understand, other people, and as a reaction decides to become a hermit and go live in the mountains.


Stop expecting so much. It’s a destructive behavior that brings deep disappointment in your life.You expect things to turn out in a certain way, you expect people to behave like you imagine them to, and whenever that doesn’t work out, you feel upset and lose any motivation to take action.

       Recharge Your Creativity Like Never Before.

So ditch these fantasies you live in, eliminate the scenarios you play in your head of how things should be, and accept them as they are.

And meanwhile, keep doing what you know is right.


You may often hear yourself say some of the following:

I’m not ready;
It’s not the right time;
I’m not good enough;
I’m too old/young;
I don’t have enough money/time/experience;
Most people don’t succeed anyway, neither will I;
Maybe I’m not meant to do it;
It’s too hard;

.Taking big steps

There’s a certain path you’ll need to walk before you get there. And its purpose is to make you strong enough to handle the success that’s waiting for you.

That path consists of many steps. Small ones – because the big ones make us worry, fear and not even try.

So divide your goals into small steps, then into even smaller, until you have a list of simple tasks to do each day. And make them so easy and quick that it will be impossible to say no.



If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

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