7 Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

Being a lady is extreme. They are generally under pressure from society to ensure they are impeccably prepped, sans wrinkle, and made-up. So it’s no big surprise that, so a considerable lot of them feel a ton of weight when they search for Mr. Right.Most of them always spend much time on a mirror ensuring they don’t have a hair strange, and their cosmetics is faultless before setting out on the town with a person they are keen on.
But we can’t live without them, but as much we men need them somehow they go off the rail.
Dear ladies kindly try to restructure your ways of life away from the following.
1.On Hair
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 A fancy hairstyle may look good for a glamorous night out; we prefer natural-looking hair. It’s more attractive to look at and feels nicer to touch when it’s free of gels or sticky products.For heavens sake avoid weaves at all costs.
2. Too Much Make Up.
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Don’t turn out like you are from Sahara desert. You know I hate it when a lady looks orange or to a larger extent when I find some lipstick on the foundation of the shirt collar. 
3.On Shaving.

Image result for difference of shaved and unshaved armpit

Image result for difference of shaved and unshaved armpit
I can’t stop laughing at this one; I remember a comedy movie I watched a while ago: The main character was against democracy simply because the lady who was advocating for it had lots of armpit hair.
Kindly shave downstairs and around your armpits.Men want to land on soft skin.
4.Taking Yourself Too Seriously.
Lighten up all the time; You don’t have to show guys how life has been serious on you.No guy will be at your side.
5.Dental Hygiene
Face it, ladies; No guy will find you attractive if you smell like you have just landed from a chang’aa den, worse still if you have those brown teeth, reduce your take on coffee or red wine. 
6.Fuck -word
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photo whitezine
I have lots of female friends who think that gross expressions will get you that Mr.Right, avoid those silly expressions for they will get you 10 boyfriends and not a gentleman.
7.Being Needy.
On a serious note, I keep off ‘needy’ girls even if HELB has come knocking.You will find lots of girls out their dropping their girlfriends for they have met a rich dude,this is a suicide mission.
hey there! kindly share and ladies I really wanna know things that you find unattractive about men.


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