6 Things ALL Girls Do But Won’t Admit

Most girls do things in private that we men would not imagine but the truth is when it comes to this habits they  are simply strange but not too strange after all millions of girls around the world partake in these actions,but there is absolutely nothing you can do to get  girl to fess up.

1.Mirror phone

Nowadays cell phones are multi-functional and are not only used for calling,texting or taking  selfies,girls secretly use their phones as a mirror instead of digging through their purse for their compact.Its much easier to whip out their phone,open up the camera app and use the screen as a mirror and if they woke up on the right side of the bed be sure they will take a few selfies before putting the phone away.


2.Social media stalking


No girl will ever admit to  t but they consistently use social media to stalk everyone and by consistently we mean every single day,Girls frequently snoop through their timelines and past photos of their ex’s,their ex’s current girlfriend,their neighbours,the nail tech and even to a greater extent their high school teachers.


But when it comes to stalking their crush girls take this to a whole new level,they will search through his friends list and analyse any message left by a girl on his timeline.


3.Pretend phone convos

Girls have a sixth sense when it comes to realising that they are about to get hit on,so instead of being forced into a conversation with  a guy they are not interested in,they will pretend to be chatting on their phone instead,its the easiest and the most polite way to blow a guy off.

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So like saying’sorry am not interested’ it sounds rude.So they will rather go for’sorry am on the phone right now’ this seems polite.


4.Thousands of selfies

If you get you hands on a girls phone you will literally find thousands of selfies on her camera roll,there is ‘I look hot today’ selfie,’how do i look when i act like Kim’ selfie and those creepy selfies the won’t upload on social media ‘but let me keep this one’ selfie.


5.Obsess over text messages.

Every has had this conversation with her besty.”He put a heart emoji over his last sentence,what does he mean?” obsess over text messages is part of dating and every girl has found herself analysing her crush’s text messages more than she analyses her statistics homework,to girls every single word and emoji must be properly dissected before she can even think about typing a reply.


6.Stuff everything in their bra.

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There are purses in the shops small enough to hold a girls essential items,but sometimes carrying a bag around during a weekend of fun is just a drag,so instead,they will stuff their bra with everything they need to get through the night,girls have managed to fit everything from their cell phones,an ID card,credit card,a couple of cash and a tube of lipgloss snuggly inside their bras


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