11 Facts on Sexual Assault in Universities.

Rape actually occurs in relationships,very few folks will report to the relevant  authorities.In capus such cases are rampant.Its very crucial for all to come together & advocate for a society free from sexual violence.

Victims of rape can forge ahead with their everyday routine comfortably if only they have access to a professional assistance.

Its not their fault,they are not alone & we believe you can get out of that abyss of frustration as a conqueror.

Here are some few facts on how sexual violence has ripped off our society.


  1. 1 in 5 women (20%) will be sexually assaulted while at college while only 4% of college men will be sexually assaulted. You can make a difference: take photos to share resources with sexual assault survivors. Sign up for Support for Survivors.
  2. Most college victims are assaulted by someone they know.
  3. 42% of college women who are raped tell no one about the assault.
  4. It is estimated that only 5% of sexual assaults on college campuses are reported, making sexual assault the most underreported crime.
  5. Rape results in about 32,000 pregnancies each year.

Tackle a campaign to make the world suck less.


  1. 4 out of 5 rape victims subsequently suffer from chronic physical or psychological conditions.
  2. 40% of rape survivors develop sexually transmitted diseases as a result of sexual assault.
  3. Campus perpetrators are often serial offenders.
  4. Over a third of women who are raped as minors are also also raped as adults.
  5. 42% of raped women expect to be raped again.
  6. Rape survivors are 13 times more likely to attempt suicide than are people who have not been victims of a crime.

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